Unfolding Territories: Co-creating Through Cartographies of Care

Thu 20 January
→ Thu 27 January
Open on the 27th

Every year the third-year students from KABK’s Photography department strike down at The Grey Space to organize and built a collective exhibition. With ‘Unfolding Territories: Co-creating Through Cartographies of Care’ they will completely take over The Grey Space.


Unfolding Territories: Co-creating Through Cartographies of Care is expanding the definition of care, aiming at the broader understanding of what care means in the contemporary world and how art can be seen as a manifestation and tool of care. The act of creation is an act of care, creating work is a movement towards an expression of ones honest desire to connect with others. In the exhibition, they share what they care about, in the ever-changing world that surrounds them.

The Cockroach Collective is a group of 45 students infesting the landscape of photography and exploring the possibilities of the medium to go beyond traditional definitions. 

They have been driven to create an exhibition where everyone –the audience and the artists– felt seen and heard. At their core, they are guided by equality, inclusivity, and respect. The willingness to take care of one another is a representative trait of the time when we all need additional support. These turbulent years are reflected in the ways they create work and the themes that are explored. Furthermore, they want to challenge photography and explore it as a means of care to reflect our world today.

Unfortunately visiting the exhibition won’t be possible due to the current Corona restrictions. But make sure to keep a close eye on their socials for any digital events that will be happening.

Edit: Because the corona restrictions have partially been lifted we are happy to announce Unfolding Territories: Co-creating Through Cartographies of Care will be open for public on Thursday the 27th of January 11.00–22.00. Please note that we have to use the CoronaCheck and can only provide access the program if you have a valid QR code. You can find more info on coronacheck.nl. Please contact their helpdesk if you have questions.

Please check our covid-19 information page for the latest information.