wysiwyg: to be continued

Wed 5 June
Free entry

Hosted by wysiwyg

<to be continued> invites filmmaking artists and enthusiasts to share, reflect, and receive feedback on their in-progress moving images.

This initiative creates an intimate offline setting where varied and valuable perspectives can be exchanged, enriching ideas, works, and individual practices. <to be continued> fosters these interactions by bringing together an interested audience, selected guests such as curators and programmers, and fellow creatives in a temporary forum at The Grey Space.

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With each edition, three artists are selected to present their work at various stages of progress — whether ideas, experiments, rough cuts, or otherwise. Each artist will have space to ask questions and receive feedback on several topics such as production, distribution, practice, and presentation strategies.

wysiwyg invites you to submit your work-in-progress and join the first <to be continued> event.

  • Form closes: 29th of May
  • Selection: 31st of May
Practical Information

Entry is free of charge.

The program starts at 20.00, The Grey Space opens at 19.30.


wysiwyg (what you see is what you get) is an organisation from The Hague (Netherlands) that creates space for artists with film-making practices. Through experimentation with events, programming, and dialogue, wysiwyg strengthens the playful exchange between artists, audiences and works. By weaving local and international networks, they add a stronger position for artists with film-making practices in the cinematic landscape.

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