The Grey Space x WYSIWYG

Thu 14 April
Free Entry

In collaboration with What You See Is What You Get.

Cinema platform What You See Is What You Get presents ‘A Nice Gesture’ – a film program exploring the value and meaning we all seek and attribute in the daily and mundane.

As we descend and descend along two floors, a total of five works offer reflections on the outside world. These serve as a way to better understand the abstract domain of value – what is it that really matters to us?


We will be screening:


Basse Stittgen(DE) & Juan Arturo García (MX)
English spoken, English subtitles

In livestock farming the blood of slaughtered cows becomes either a hidden component of products ranging from pharmaceuticals to soy substitutes, or it gets discarded, dried and burned for energy. Following this invisible trail of blood, the film investigates the architecture and tools that determine the value of a material once considered the substance of life.

Viewport weather

Adam Centko (SK)
no dialogue

Artist and filmmaker Adam Centko uses camera and digital tools to create works that show how intricately the digital world is related to its physical mirror. In this continuous loop, Centko investigates a digital representation of nature and exposes us to an almost perfect version of it.

All the Crazy Details from Kylie Jenner’s 21st Birthday Party

Levi van Gelder (NL)
no dialogue

Valuable imagery gains a false religiosity as a substitute of what it lost when the camera made them reproducible. The network of the reproductions moves oppositely, the amplified religiosity of the object stands in bleak contrast with the quantity and quality of reproductions produced by a network of accelerated capitalism. Researching viral/popular imagery, artist Levi van Gelders seeks to relate the experience of art directly to other experiences, and to use the means of reproduction as a language that, as though pictures were like words rather than holy relics.

Within The Temple Without

Matthew C. Wilson (USA)
English spoken

Embark on a journey into the economic unconscious – which is now collective and digital. Like a dream, we see the pathway to the Temple of Apollo in Delphi is lined with treasuries for the gods; the alchemical symbol of the caduceus, carried by Hermes, was created from the expulsion of serpents at the Temple of Apollo. The caduceus and other alchemical symbols can be found all over the Bank of England, which drew on alchemical ideas to develop a credit based currency; it became the template of central banks. An uncanny, see-sawing and Jungian journey below the surface.

What Dying Feels Like

Philip Ullman (SWE)
English spoken

A mouse finds herself reciting childhood memories in a sterile living room. Shards of an alienating past paint the portrait of a human life. A sense of loss pervades the atmosphere as she’s torn between being human and being mouse, between being alive and being in a simulation. Why is one life more valuable than another? Through the screen, it becomes difficult to decide whether something is sentient or not.


With a background in graphic design and film, cinema-collective WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) aims to stimulate an alternative ‘cinema-culture’ by re-examining the way that we look at films today. Often in collaboration with artists, filmmakers, writer and designers, they create playful and experimental screening events while asking themselves; to what capacity do the current options for presenting film, (still) provide optimal conditions for contemporary and future films to be viewed and interpreted? And to what capacity do those conditions empower or obstruct? Next to experimental events they organise more traditional screenings, where they program new films, relevant classics and overlooked gems.