Thu 13 October
Free Entry

Hosted by Balazs Milanik.

Don’t forget your markers, airbrushes, and spray cans at home, as Balázs Milánik invites you to come by The Grey Space for the launching event of STOP, an emerging institution focused on the archiving of poetry.

Breaching the context of literature, the first exhibition of STOP (State of Poetry) will observe the traces of rhymes, expressions, and graffiti in public transport systems. By building a stage for conduct in the form of an installation, Balázs aims at embracing the curation of the public, just as much as his personal intuition. Station tunes will be taken care of by AV B2B JD.

Attention! All vandals and graffiti creators will be prosecuted!


STOP is an emerging institution that focuses on the archiving of poetry outside of the context of literature. Our collections are preserved and assessed on the principles of poetic virtue, associative imagination, and personal intuition. The first exhibition of STOP will be curated by Balázs, who presents his ongoing research about the poetic aspects of public transportation, addressing the question of how the intricately planned, and controlled monotony of public transport systems, communicate with graphic poetry and self-expression.

Balázs Milánik

Balázs Milánik is a third-year graphic design student of the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague & the sole member of STOP (for now). His artistic practice revolves around combining his personal approach to art and philosophy, with the practical side of graphic design and focuses on visual art, installations, and printed material.

“Besides spending a significant amount of my childhood years on buses, trams, and occasionally metros, I recall a memory that occurred somewhere in the early 2000s. I remember sitting in a car with my dad, and sometime during the ride, he started to talk about street vandalism. He told me that when he was a teenager, he also went out during the night with his friends, but never did he draw or write anything anywhere. This contemptuous monologue of his on street art, acted as a sort of moral guide when it came to my opinion of illegal drawings, tags, and graffiti. After more than a decade, I would like to readdress my views and beliefs on these forms of self-expression, by introducing them to the context of poetry.”


AV & JD, which stands for Alina Valentina & Jade Akkerman, are a vinyl DJ duo. They are drawn to 80’s sounds, and their tunes vary from synthpop, post-punk, and new wave to electronic and alternative beats.

Practical information

The Grey Space opens at 17.00.
The event starts at 18.00.

Entry to this event is free.