SONIC WAVES: Ketelruis

Sat 12 November
Free Entry

Hosted by: INDEx and Radio Tonka

For this edition of Sonic Waves, the INDEx crew is accompanied by the fellas from Ketelruis, a new organization from Leiden who bring a big and heavy suitcase full of beats and breaks.

Ketelruis performs phat electronic music, in styles that are rarely combined. The collective originated in the ‘Resistor’, in an old boiler house,  (also known as ‘Vrijplaats Leiden’)  which is where the name Ketelruis comes from. Expect IDM, d&b, breakcore, doom techno, breaks, and more bangs and rattles from far beyond the limits of the mainstream. 

Practical information

The Grey Space opens at 19.00.
The event starts at 20.00.

Free entry

Radio Tonka

The evening will be broadcasted live on Radio Tonka from 23.00 until 3.00 on FM 92. The radio program of Radio Tonka at Den Haag FM is a lively music platform with deep roots in the Hague music, culture, and entertainment scene. Radio Tonka functions as a nomadic stage and platform supporting DJs and musicians, focusing on new talent, experimentation, and artistic growth. On Saturdays, Radio Tonka broadcasts focus live coverage of music concerts and DJ sets from various cultural venues around the city.