Sonic Thresholds

Thu 22 June

Presented by The Grey Space, curated by Jelle Hamstra

The third instalment of our event series exploring contemporary developments in sound, curated by Jelle Hamstra.

More information will follow soon.

  • 21.00–21.30 Geier Aus Stahl
  • 21.30–22.15 Andrea Clavadetscher, Eric Schumacher & „Koko“ Michael Eberli present “Greguar”
  • 22.15–23.00 Unit Moebius Anonymous
Unit Moebius Anonymous

Jan Duivenvoorden returns to our basement with uncompromising broken machine rhythms, squealing electronics and blistering layers of percussion. OG West Coast industrial-acid techno, deeply narcotic and paranoid, best experienced in dank smokey basements devoid of light.

Andrea Clavadetscher, Eric Schumacher & „Koko“ Michael Eberli present “Greguar”

Austrian minimalist trip-hop/illbient outfit Andrea Clavadetscher & Eric Schumacher link up with A/V artist Michael „Koko“ Eberli to present “Greguar”. 

Best described as unhinged fringe dance music, creaky rhythms creep over well-engineered dub bass lines, layered with spoken word samples and scant effects. 

Their stand alone piece “Greguar” was originally recorded in 1997 in Vienna, as part of a workshop by the same name. The recording was originally released via private press by the Institute of Contemporary Art Vienna and recently reissued by guest curator Jelle Hamstra on his own label Tonal Oceans.

Geier Aus Stahl

Vienna-born, Rotterdam-based artist Leonard Prochazka, aka Geier Aus Stahl blends synths and drum machines with chunky live percussion and resonant vocals. Excellent throwback cold wave vernacular, not to miss if you are into German industrial electro and minimal wave.

Practical information

The Grey Space opens at 16.30
Sonic Thresholds starts at 21.00

Regular online: €12,50
Student online: €10,50
Door: €13,50

Sonic Thresholds

In Sonic Thresholds, we look for innovative ideas that enhance audience interaction and investigate new developments in contemporary music. By inviting artists to curate, collaborate and organize with their peers, we aim to support makers to develop their craft and expand their network by creating collective experiences. We hold space for energy and possibility in a safe environment, where music is communication. Where we seek radical relationality and dialogue, where we think together.


Sonic Thresholds is made possible by the Creative Industries Fund NL and the Gemeente Den Haag.