Sonic Thresholds

Thu 20 April

This event is in the past. Click the button below for a selection of photos that were taken that day.

Presented by The Grey Space, curated by Yessica Deira

A series of events that focus on live music, performance, experiment and audience interaction. Selected artists guest-curate an immersive program to share their vision on contemporary developments in music.

For our first edition we are grateful to see Yessica Deira work her magic curating an evening filled with her sonic favorites. Yessica Deira is a prolific artist, educator and DJ whose practice is as multi-layered as her music selection. 

  • 21.00–21.05 esjelie
  • 21.05–21.45 Phantom Wizard
  • 21.45–21.50 esjelie
  • 21.50–22.30 Fallon Mayanja
  • 22.30–23.00 XAKALELE
Practical information

The Grey Space opens at 17.00
Sonic Thresholds starts at 21.00

Regular online: €12,50
Student online: €10,50
Door: €13,50


Marvin Lalihatu is a Moluccan-Dutch artist, composer and part of Rotterdam’s ritual angstrave duo Animistic Beliefs. Under the moniker XAKALELE they use handmade synthesizers, new media art and sculpture as mediums to draw from their indigenous Moluccan heritage and experience as a biracial polyamorous neuroqueer in Rotterdam. They use sound as means to transcend the limits of language and explore how to speak about things if the words don’t exist.


esjelie is the moniker of Surinamese-Dutch visual artist, filmmaker and emerging saxophonist Ashley Bruinhart. Their work explores emotional experiences such as belonging and nostalgia with sound, intimate documentary photography and text in diary form, sometimes captured as screenshots or scans of handwritten notes.

Phantom Wizard

Phantom Wizard is a genre defying composer and multi-instrumentalist from Amsterdam whose experimental style combines composed and improvisational sections with jazz, ambient, and electronic music. He released electronic dance riddim banger “Awa” on Carista’s Modern Intimacy Volume 2 late 2022 and we are excited to hear more.

Fallon Mayanja

Fallon Mayanja is an innovative artist exploring novel auditory experiences, fostering alternate perceptions of self, others, and surroundings. Melding immersive sonic explorations with cultural narratives, Fallon constructs poetic club soundscapes and Afro-diasporic support systems. Utilizing electronics and technology, the artist delves into the audible and inaudible, creating a sensory odyssey through sound and stories.

Yessica Deira

Yessica Deira is part of DJ collective AMPFEMININE who slay clubs on a regular basis and pursue variety and equalization of the playing field. Under the moniker DJ Soft Break, she reflects on her early exposure to Rotterdam’s Jungle, Dubstep and Grime scene. Her sets are described as ‘genre-busting, energy-driven and full of unexpected twists and turns.’ We expect nothing less from this event.

Sonic Thresholds

We look for innovative ideas that enhance interaction, investigate what music is and how to present its various forms to an audience. By inviting local artists to curate, collaborate and organize with their peers, Sonic Thresholds aims to support makers to develop their craft and expand their network by creating collective experiences. We hold space for energy and possibility in a safe environment, where music is communication. Where we seek radical relationality and dialogue, where we think together.


Sonic Thresholds is made possible by the Creative Industries Fund NL and the Gemeente Den Haag.

Combine your visit

Indulge in a dreamy culinary experience before descending in our basement for Sonic Thresholds. In this first edition of Food for Thought, Mattia Papp invites you to enjoy gastronomic delights in an ethereal setting. In this performative dinner series, selected artists are empowered to redefine the boundaries of food as an artistic medium.