Songs of Home

Thu 23 February
Free entry

Hosted by: MusicBox

Come by for a multidisciplinary performance exploring the vivid sounds and complex dark stories of early colonial Australia, performed by The Matildas.

The Matildas, made up of musicians from the colonised land now known as Australia, with special guests from the US and UK, together perform Songs of Home, where they explore the music from a complex and turbulent period in Australia’s history. Through Songs of Home, the forgotten sounds of folk songs, ballads, fantastical tales, and lively dances carried by Europeans to Australia around the turn of the 19th century are brought to life.


The Matildas, existing of: 

  • Emma Williams (Australia): violin/voice
  • Anna Jane Lester (USA): violin
  • Jonty Coy (Australia): traverso/voice
  • Alex Baker (USA): viola da gamba
  • Marlowe Heywood-Thornes (UK): guitar
Practical Information

The Grey Space opens at 17.00
Songs of Home starts starts at 19.00

Door sale only. Pay as much as you like