Sniester Festival

Fri 27 May
→ Sat 28 May

Hosted by Sniester

Sniester is a music festival for everything that rocks and rattles. The stages are spread throughout the city: from pop venue Paard and De Zwarte Ruiter to coffee shops, galleries, theaters and our very own basement.

Sniester means experiencing more than 70 bands on and around the Grote Markt and Paard in The Hague’s pop district, the musical heart of the city. From emerging to established, local to international and from electronic indie to ripping guitars. No crowd barriers, no big names for the big names – Sniester is real action and real love for real music.

Sniester started in 2013 as a passion project of a couple of programmers from The Hague. Getting sick of the same list of expensive, but not necessarily good names on every festival poster, they thought the time was right for a festival with room for nothing but quality and originality. Sniester was supposed to be an ode to the extraordinary alternative act. Now the festival is a regular fixture on the Dutch festival calendar.



  • 20.45 No Brains
  • 22.15 Tramhaus
  • 23.45 Cocaine Piss


  • 19.30 Hagard Cat
  • 21.00 Onmens
  • 22.30 MEMES
  • 00.15 Money & The Man