Scenius: Traumgarten

Fri 1 December

Presented by The Grey Space, in collaboration with Traumgarten

Once again, our basement sees the return of the collective Traumgarten, filling the space with their distinct sound. Circular Square, Lulu, and Vox Supreme provide the music for the night.

Lulu, the resident of Garage Noord, plays a back-to-back with Vox Supreme, creating a mystical experience with a range of sounds, from experimental electronic to high-energy fast pace. Circular Square blends glitchy music with ambient sounds and tempo.

The Hague label Traumgarten joins Scenius with three instalments of lush, heady, bass infused meditative sequences and glitched-out grooves. Traumgarten’s keeper Vox Supreme has been on task since 2019, bringing together a dreamy spectrum of sound, spanning from ambient meditations and percussive tribal fantasia to bass heavy club concoctions. Traumgarten sets out local and international artists via their carefully crafted line ups, compilations, releases and Echobox radio residency.

Practical information

The Grey Space opens at 17.00
Scenius starts at 22.00

Regular online: €8,00
Student online: €6,00
Door: €9,50


The weekly club concept is inspired by the term scenius with which Brian Eno describes the creative intelligence of a community. A myriad of music initiatives with an interest in community building are offered a three-month residency, inviting them to expand their scene. Scenius aims to be an accessible and eclectic club experience where you can hang out, listen and dance.