Royal Surfclub – Hopping to the Basement

Sat 3 September
€10, door sale only. Free entry with a Clubhopping wristband

Hosted by: Royal Surfclub (part of Clubhopping The Hague)

Already having organised four flaming events at The Grey Space this year, Royal Surfclub returns, bursting from excitement to invite you to their synthetic, futuristic dystopia.

For the first time, the Club features two live electronic music producers who are on the the banger side of live performing: Fer.Live’s debut performance in The Hague, followed by J.J.Lantirn, who released many records by prestigious Bunker Records / Murder Capital.

Four of the The Hague based DJs will carry the night and keep you dancing until 05.00.



  • La Mer
  • Joey Lou
  • Stiiib / Booty Chauffeur
  • BäRK

Live Producers:

  • Fer.Live
  • J.J.Lantirn (Bunker/MurderCapital)
Practical information

The Grey Space opens at 16.00
Royal Surfclub starts at 22.00 and ends at 05.00

Entry: €10, door sale only.

Entry is free for visitors with a (free) Clubhopping wristband. Check the Clubhopping The Hague website to find out where to get your wristband.

Clubhopping The Hague

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