Project4Equality: Community Exhibition

Sat 12 November

Hosted by: Project4Equality

Project4Equality, a feminist organization based in the Hague, invites you to their Community Exhibition in The Grey Space, an interactive event containing an art exhibition, spoken word performances, workshops, and installations surrounding the topic of feminism.

‘Project4Equality’s Community Exhibition’ combines a broad variety of forms of artistic expression. Project4Equality presents photography, painting, film, performance, and poetry, as delivered by more than thirty artists, whose works cover various issues such as gender-based violence, empowerment, femininity, and several other related topics. Furthermore, as Project4Equality’s goal is to create a feminist community, somewhere where people can come together and freely express themselves, there are multiple workshops you can participate in.


The art exhibition is open throughout the entire event. The spoken word & poetry performances take place between 18.00–20.30. Between these times, it is not possible to participate in the workshops.

Practical Information

The Grey Space opens at 14.00
The exhibition opens at 14.00

Tickets: €5


Project4Equality is a feminist group based in the Hague seeking to create more space for feminist activism and understand this community to be an intersectional feminist movement.  Project4Equality sees the depth and impact of inequalities and the relationships between them in any given context. Considering these premises, Project4Equality aims to make feminism accessible to everyone, moving beyond the big-scale protests and creating a feminism that is applicable to daily life, by changing behaviors and attitudes, and therefore smashing the patriarchy from its roots.