Sat 14 October
Regular: €13.50 Student: €9.00

Presented by: Otherminds

A night promised to be filled with sonic bliss for ears & mind. After a sold out edition, Otherminds returns with their yearly gathering.

The new The Hague based recordlabel explores the fields of electronic music. This time they celebrate the first ever release, ‘Symbolic Language’ from local cosmox.

cosmox his release features five tracks to symbolize his sonic evolution. Loradeniz excels with her ‘Never Been’ EP. Remma crafts hypnotic tribal/dub techno, while Spekki Webu creates bewitching soundscapes through the DJ sets. Amsterdam’s Yb3L explores electronic music with experimental breaks and ambient textures.

Urban Space Electronics, with cosmox, Vox supreme and Zembl4, take over the bar for a trippy experience.

Practical information

The Grey Space opens at 17.00
The event starts at 22.00

Regular online: €13,50
Student online: €9.00

Otherminds is more than pleased to bring five special tracks from longtime friend cosmox into the world. ‘Symbolic Language’ is a blend between IDM, ambient and techno influenced pieces. A story which symbolizes a deeply shared connection and a transformative period in which cosmox expands his palette further into the sonic realm.
When an artist is unpredictable it will grab the attention. Turkish multi-talent Loradeniz is one of them. She got the noticed because of her ‘Never Been’ EP, made with Interstellar Funk who was her piano student. Besides being a pianist and vocalist she’s an electronic music composer and DJ. Her approach to music is based around building and manipulating an immersive sound world that blurs the lines between light and dark, hope and despair, past and future. That’s why we invited her to set the tone of the night.
Remma & Spekki Webu

Remma got himself involved within the underground scene at an early stage which has led to the launch of his own DIY radiostation: ITMOTR Radio. Influenced by hypnotizing tribal/dub techno and the freeparty/soundsystem culture Remma seeks for a deep tripped-out club experience.

Same for Mirror Zone headhoncho Spekki Webu, who cultivates a trademark sound that can be described as bewitching, persistent, and ritualistic. Whether it is his psychedelic DJ sets, mental live performances, or stellar music productions, the mysterious chief mind expander deconstructs time and space with fierce precision and tactility.
Urban Space Electronics

Urban Space Electronics is formed by The Hague artists cosmox, Vox supreme and Zembl4. Known for their label and platform ONDERWERELD, they will take over the bar for a 3,5 hours trippy & mystical experience.

Born and raised Amsterdam producer and DJ Yb3L is a multidisciplinary artist who explores the fields of electronic music, visual art, and graphic design. She combines experimental breaks with ambient textures and heartfelt synths in her productions, just like her recently self released ‘Dextrise’ track. Her DJ sets range from breakbeats and pumping techno to eastern-influenced, organic rhythms, and experimental brain melters.

Supported by POP Den Haag.