Orisun Presents: Parel Moerwijk

Sat 10 June

Presented by Orisun Studio

A new, annual event presenting an interdisciplinary lineup of creators and artists showcasing new works and talents from the hip-hop and design scene.

The inaugural edition features the release of Bart Sturing‘s short film “Parel Moerwijk” and the exhibition of Nas Hosen’s complementary photo reportage.

The side program consists of musical performances by Illnoledge ft Phantom Wizard, Jalli Lamin Kuyateh, DJs and a unique Cobra art exhibition by Hit&Run Vintage Store, among others. This curated evening of film, photography, design, and music is an invitation to celebrate emerging talent with us.

Parel Moerwijk

A film project that captures both the charm and harshness of Moerwijk East. As a former resident, artist and anthropologist, Bart Sturing uses this film as a projection of his own experience. He follows five children from the neighbourhood, playfully making them tell their stories. Along with their leading role in the film, they are included in the process of filmmaking and follow several music workshops that Bart initiated from within his own network.

By reusing the name “Parel Moerwijk,” known to most Moerwijkers as Van Wijnen’s large-scale housing project, Bart goes beyond the connotation of housing sales to show the versatility of the neighbourhood and its authenticity.

The film was shot entirely on Super8 and a handheld 16mm camera with additional photography by Nas Hosen. The soundtrack for this film was created by The Hague band Unit Nine. Watch the preview below.

Practical Information

The Grey Space opens at 17.00
Orisun Presents starts at 19.00

Regular online €16
Early bird €11

Orisun Studios

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