A Three Fold [substituting senses]

Sun 11 April
Pay as you like

A Three Fold is a bi-monthly program in three parts: a culinary experience, a micro exhibition and a music and performance program. Each segment takes place in a different space of The Grey Space. The audience is guided and moved throughout the course of the event.

For this upcoming online edition, we offer a food pickup full of snacks to be enjoyed at home during the live stream on Mixcloud.

Snackbox pickup
15.00 – 19.00 Food Pickup at The Grey Space in the Middle in The Hague. Soon more info about this box to complement your live stream experience


A sound is melting on your tongue. A color is talking calmly. Saturated thoughts resonate. Change your position, lie down looking upwards. Spend an hour observing time, the light transitions. Listen closely. 

Online stream including spoken word performance inspired by the content of the snackbox by Heleen Mineur, audiovisual art by Pandelis Diamantides and performances by Vege Lijf and De Tapijttegels.