Sat 5 November
Free Entry

Hosted by: Marinka Grondel

Marinka Grondel invites you to the launch of her first book ‘Nour’ and the accompanying photography exhibition at The Grey Space.

The fates of humans and nature are infinitely intertwined: it’s the core of our very existence. Yet, we have lost touch with this innate sense of belonging. This was the premise that Marinka Grondel carried with her when she set out on a cross-country quest with her camper van a little over two years ago, which ultimately brought ‘Nour’. Marinka speaks about her photography book together with Marjolein Heije, who executed the book design. 


‘Nour’ is the culmination of 10 months of traveling through Portugal, Spain, Greece, and Turkey, and making new work before the eyes of Mother Earth’s own creations. The book is a visual catalog of Marinka’s journey to understanding the inexplicable bond between our being and its source. Through exploration, constructions, and research on ways to manipulate and create sunlight, Marinka tries to play with the notion that a celestial body like the Sun, out of reach as it may seem, can simultaneously be something a little closer to the heart, and perhaps…even a little bit more h u m a n. 

Practical information

The Grey Space opens at 12.00.
The event starts at 12.00.

Entry is free.