Moving Downstairs [recalibrated]

Sat 30 October

Moving Downstairs is a bi-monthly program with concerts and performances, auditory experiments, immersive sound pieces and collective experiences in the basement of The Grey Space. Depending on the setting, the audience might be seated, standing, dancing, behind a screen or moving through the space.

On the program are live performances by electronic music duo Glice and drummer and electronic music composer Elvis Hi-man. Acidic Male will close the night with a DJ-set. There will be live visuals by Veerle Pennock.

  • 20.30 – Doors
  • 21.00 – Elvis Hi-Man
  • 21.45 – Glice
  • 22.30 – Acidic Male
  • Live visuals by Veerle Pennock
Elvis Hi-man

Elvis Hi-man is a musician specialized in drums and electronic music composition. Stylistically you can expect drones, ambient soundscapes, experiments, film music, noise and structured and free improvisation.


Glice is an experimental electronic music duo consisting of Ruben Braeken and Melle Kromhout, making evocative and intense noise and ambient with a great sense of texture. A deep musical journey that wades into the realms of post-classical and post-industrial music. Glice returns after their live piece with Dieter Vandoren, a co-production by The Grey Space and Rewire Festival in 2018.

Acidic Male

Acidic Male is an audiovisual artist and DJ, part of North Sea Wolfpack and Vot’ress, delving in the depths of synthesised dungeons and caves while exploring the full spectrum of rhythmic and arrhythmic noise.

Veerle Pennock

Veerle Pennock makes visuals and video art inspired by nature. Using video feedback and analog techniques she recreates natural phenomena and lets the images sync and move with the sound.


Tickets: €7,50

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