MOVE!: Distant Memories

Fri 25 November

Hosted by:, part of  HOOGTIJ #71

“MOVE! Distant memories” materializes the fleeting memories that stick to us after a night out. For its first all-night-long edition, it transforms The Grey Space into an interdisciplinary playing field that combines club, performance, and exhibition to explore and experience the distant memories that bring us together in the night. 

Flashing lights, sweaty walls, smoky jackets, vibrating floors – distant memories of a club night that fill us with energy and soak us back into the night, week by week. But what remains after? How can we capture the fleeting joys of a night out? What makes it so magical? So addictive to come back and drift away in the music? 

This is what the artists during ‘distant memories’ aim to create – through various mediums, ranging from sound to installation, light, and performance; they materialize their interpretation of this memory.  

While the upstairs will reflect visually on the essence of clubbing, the basement feeds you with this sonic essence – Giving you everything you need for a night to remember.


The program includes an exhibition, performances, and music by:

Practical information

The Grey Space opens at 17.00.
MOVE! starts at 18.00.

Tickets: €12,00.
Free entry until 11 pm.


Each edition of MOVE! gives a stage to emerging talents of the electronic music scene of The Hague and beyond. An evening for the culture to experiment and come together and dance.