Perpetual Beta [encounters in open space] – Maker Event #2 (sold out)

Fri 18 June

During Perpetual Beta each maker will have the opportunity to present an artistic research question to the public and invite guests to inspire the further development of the project.


Roel Wouters and Luna Maurer from studio Moniker will share their creative process and dive deeper into dialogues and the specific role they play in their film Identity Training Facility in collaboration with Abke Haring and Vincent Rietveld, actors connected to theatre collective De Warme Winkel.

–> 18.30-20.00 Dinner
–> 20.00-21.30 Event

Can’t make it to The Grey Space? Visit the event online via

Tickets and dinner reservations

Tickets are €7,50 and provide access to the maker event and entrance to the exhibition. This program is best experienced in combination with the dinner. The program can also be attended without participating in the dinner. Make your evening complete and make a dinner reservation via: or text or whatsapp us at +31684891750.

Our chef Julio Salsiccia will prepare two dishes:
–> Slow cooked jackfruit carnita (vegan version available).
–> Slow cooked pulled chicken wrap.
–> Both served with sriracha mayo and fresh cilantro, baked sweet potatoes with salsa verde and chipotle and some salad.