The Grey Space x Lente Kabinet

Sat 26 February
Free Entrance

In collaboration with: Lente Kabinet

In collaboration with Lente Kabinet, we’ve composed an evening as a prelude to the music, art and culture festival. There will be a performance by The Grey Space-resident Marijn Brussaard followed by an artist talk with Femke Dekker. DJ-sets by Know V.A. and Lazer Gazer b2b Snufkin will finish the night.

Multidisciplinary artist Marijn Brussaard (Amsterdam, 1993) works with performance, (video-)installation, music and sound-design. With his work he researches and reflects on the theatrics of modern-day phenomena such as pop culture, internet and new-age aesthetics.

17.00–20.00 The Zone

As artist-in-residence at The Grey Space (in collaboration with Zaal 3) Brussaard continues his artistic research of his work ‘The Zone’ . The Zone is an ongoing research on artificial nature, new-age aesthetics and timeless space. The piece offers to be a safe haven for an overstimulated generation in a chaotic world – a world that is dominated by shorter attention spans, burn-outs, and misinformation.

Between 17.00 and 20.00 you can experience The Zone as an immersive decor that gives space to an ongoing performance.

20.30–21.30 Aftertalk

After the performance you are invited to join the artist talk between Marijn Brussaard and Lente Kabinet curator Femke Dekker. They will discuss the artistic process and practice, the topics that Brussaard addresses in his work and how his residency at The Grey Space informed his performance.

22.00–01.00 Know V.A. and Lazer Gazer b2b Snufkin

Entry is free for the entire program.

Lente Kabinet

This program is created in collaboration with Lente Kabinet, an annual electronic music festival held at het Twiske, just north of Amsterdam. The festival aims to take its visitors on a two-day cross-disciplinary journey that engages all the senses, making this interplay between visual art, culture and music an important pivot in the overall festival experience. This year sees its cultural programme manifest itself both onsite – installations and performances – and offsite as partners in various cultural manifestations.

Concept: Marijn Brussaard
Performers: Barnaby Savage, Hidde Aans-Verkade
Stage design advice: Nikola Knežević
Co-production/residencies: The Grey Space in the Middle, Zaal 3, Lentekabinet, Workspacebrussels, Come Together/GREENHOUSE
Technical help: Robin van den Berg
Supported by AFK/Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunsten