Antilounge presents Lena Liza

Sat 14 September

Presented by Antilounge

Lena Liza is an independent singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, producing genre-bending and experimental music to express her heart and soul. She combines trip-hop, dark wave, electro, soul, and jazz to create her unique sound.

Her voice is described as soulful yet fragile, serving as the thread that sews her plethora of styles together. Guiding you through hypnotizing soundscapes, she creates a heartbreaking, calming, and macabre atmosphere that transports you to an otherworldly state of being. Her style is often compared to the likes of Sade, Massive Attack, and Lana Del Rey. Come and discover this moving and powerful night of music.


Lena Liza is support by four act, all originating from The Hague.

An emerging music producer and artist, she combines electronic productions with soulful R&B vocals. Her music transforms organic sounds using electronic effects into captivating tracks that are both emotional and innovative.

A DJ/producer and sound artist from the underground scene of The Hague, he has performed at various events including Todays Art, Antilounge, and State-X New Forms. After studying Sonology at the Royal Conservatory and playing at countless parties, he now brings a special set for Lena Liza.

Presented by Siobhan Lemaire, she delivers an energetic mix of electropop inspired by a wide range of influences, from Depeche Mode to Björk. Her performance promises to be a dynamic experience, driven by her unique approach to electronic music.

He began producing music in the early 2000s and is still active as a producer with the duo Charly & Gallus, Rivers Area Juke Squad, Black Hawaii, and as DJ Kipkillah. Gallus will perform a live set with new work.


For the night, Lena liza is joined by two visual artist.

Nina Lezaic is a video artist who studied at the Royal Academy of Art, where she graduated in Art Science. She has exhibited her work at various events and concerts. In the past, she was also active in the trio Picture in Picture, a collaborative project between three students of the Interfaculty.

Maria Dewert, an emerging artist from Dagestan, studies Time-Based Media and Performance under Mathilde ter Heijne at the University of the Arts in Berlin. She specializes in mixed media, using recycled materials like cardboard to explore themes of death and impermanence through abstract portraits and sculptures. Maria also creates digital landscapes with video performance and montage, reflecting on her artistic identity, personal growth, family history, and shared human experiences.

Practical Information

The Grey Space opens at 20.00, the night kicks off at 21.00.

Entry ticket: €10,00 (this includes a CD or a downloadable link to Liza Lena newest EP)


In The Hague, a musical revolution quietly brewed with Antilounge, a record label born to showcase the city’s innovative electronic music scene. Driven by a vision to provide a platform for The Hague’s untapped talent, Antilounge became a movement and community, marking milestones and evolving over twenty years. Its back catalog on Bandcamp captures the journey from raw underground sounds to sophisticated productions, earning a global following. Celebrating its 20th anniversary highlighted its influence and vibrant community. Antilounge’s story is one of creativity, perseverance, and community, committed to shining a spotlight on The Hague’s talent and sharing it with the world.

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