Fine China Superbone + Life Savings

Wed 30 March

Hosted by LeaderLemming

LeaderLemming brings us (often local) obscene and unseen bands. Tonight they present Fine China Superbone and Life Savings.

Fine Chine Superbone

Fine China Superbone is abrasive, twisted, post noise/math rock. Nerve racking at times, a little evil; fuckin’ nasty, brother! But in the end, no harm is done to your souls; they just like to wrench your gut a little, not kick you out into the dark. No! Have another drink!”

Life Savings

Life Savings is a hard rock three piece from The Hague. During the pandemic the band released their debut album `The Remote` on the eclectic but no longer active Narrominded label. The performance in The Grey Space will be the band’s first since the release. Besides songs from the album the band will perform new songs demonstrating the moodier direction the band is currently exploring. The Remote will be available on vinyl before and after the show.

  • 20.30 – Doors (cafe opens at 17.00)
  • 21.00 – Start shows
  • 23.30 – End