LeaderLemming x Tisnie Moeilijk

Sat 16 April

Hosted by LeaderLemming + Tisnie Moeilijk

LeaderLemming brings us (often local) obscene and unseen bands. For this edition they join forces with Tisnie Moeilijk to present a local festival featuring EIGER, Henk & Melle, Yun & Jaap, Black Beach and DJ OJ.

From singer-songwriters to electro to noisy dance: Tisnie Moeilijk is a festival with something for everyone.


Ground floor

  • 19.30 DJ OJ
  • 20.00 Yun & Jaap
  • 20.30 DJ OJ
  • 22.30 Henk & Melle


  • 21.15 EIGER
  • 23.00 DJ OJ
  • 23.30 Black Beach
  • 00.30 DJ OJ (+surprise guest)

“Why limit yourself to one genre when the possibilities are endless? EIGER provides an eclectic mix of disco, electro, pop, funk, soul, rock and indie music. Music you can listen to, dance to, cry to or laugh at. It’s up to you. We will love and serve you either way.”

EIGER consists of Marten Meij (vocals/guitar/everything), Whita Sneep (vocals/synths/ percussion), Vico Sneep (synths/bass/vocals)) en Dennis Loos (drums/ poetry), who are all simply delightful people.

Henk & Melle

“Henk has released a few amazing rock albums with his band Hello Venray. With Smutfish’s debut Lawnmower Mind, Melle has one of the best Dutch roots albums ever to his name. Every Monday Henk & Melle write a song in a roadhouse which they record in the Sahara Studio in The Hague the following day. The atmosphere in a roadhouse is typical: an instant cosiness that does not invite to linger.  For Henk and Melle it’s the perfect place to quickly get to the gist of a song without distraction.  Henk and Melle eat a lot of cake.”

Yun & Jaap

The name Yun means melody in Korean. Let yourself be carried away by her voice with nostalgic melodies that stay with you as a mantra in your head.

Black Beach

“Black Beach is what happens when three musicians collide to create live electronic music. Emerging from the underground bandscene in Amsterdam, the threesome has found each other in making noisy but danceable electronics. Prepare for a stage filled with synths and drums, and a room full of experimental sounds.”


“DJ OJ was born in het statenkwartier of the Hague. Tisniemoeilijk to describe the music, because that’s ranging from jazz, soul and worldmusic to downtempo and disco.”