(__) in the Garden of Love

Fri 9 December
Exhibition: Free Entry | Afterparty: €5

The group exhibition (__) in the Garden of Love organized by KABK’s Design Research students fills The Grey Space with sounds, moving images, and installations, all to manifest love in all its forms, whereafter they invite you to our basement for a fitting afterparty. 

Within the exhibition, the participants explored the theme ‘Love & the Erotic’. Drawing from thoughts of Audre Lorde, adrienne maree brown, and bell hooks, they’ve asked: What if we celebrate the erotic in all aspects of our lives? What if we were to begin our activities with a love ethic? What if the erotic, pleasure, and love become the primary incentives for our design practices; for our political actions, how we interact with and care for our environment, and how we build our commune? 

To fill the cracks of our alienated and individualized lives, ( __ ) in the Garden of Love welcomes you to a lush and plentiful ecosystem of love stories. This earthly paradise created with passionate and devoted labor becomes a lovescape open for observation, contribution, and interpretation. It invites you to explore the erotic as a source of power and to recognize our need for an abundance of love: deep, soft, drippin’, hot, wild, practiced, collectivized, cultured, radical, and fearless love.


The exhibition features works by

To properly close the exhibition, the artists invite you to their afterparty in our basement.

Practical Information

The Grey Space opens at 17.00.
The exhibition opens at 17.00.
The afterparty starts at 22.00.

The exhibition is free to enter.
Afterparty tickets: €5.

Design Research

Design Research is an elective course for second- and third-year students of the Design Department at  KABK, and is guided by Marthe Prins & Benjamin Earl.