House Guest: Esfand

Thu 1 February

Presented by The Grey Space

Esfand is a duo made up of Rouzbeh Esfandarmaz and Pat Stewart aiming to dissolve the boundaries between Iranian folk music and electronic dance music.

Esfand tries to encapsulate the transformative power of music, transcending borders and traditions to create captivating musical journeys.

In a House Guest residency, Rouzbeh Esfand will be working on new instruments, using technologies and tools to expand the live component of their concerts. On the 1st of February he will present a first iteration of the new concert. Don’t expect a seated concert, but rather infectious rhythms that naturally invite you to dance.

Practical Information

The doors open at 20.30 and the event starts at 21.00.

Rouzbeh Esfandarmaz

Rouzbeh Esfandarmaz, also known as Esfand, is a highly skilled musician who began his musical journey at the age of 13 as a member of the Iranian Orchestra for New Music in Tehran. He then pursued his classical clarinet bachelor’s degree at the Tehran University of Art. In 2009, Rouzbeh co-founded Pallett, which gained worldwide recognition within the Iranian diaspora and is now considered one of the most important alternative pop bands in Iran’s post-revolution music history. In 2018 Rouzbeh decided to focus more on his solo career and left Pallett. In 2020, and after completing his Master’s degree in Art of Sound in Royal Conservatory of The Hague, he formed the experimental electronic duo Esfand with Pat Stewart.

House Guests

House Guests is a program in which The Grey Space invites transdisciplinary makers who actively seek collaborations with other knowledge domains and are willing to share their artistic process and test a prototype of a project with an audience. The program facilitates the interaction between a work, the space and the audience, often operating in between a black box and white cube. Each House Guest has a week-long mini-residency, culminating in a public event.


This edition of House Guests is supported by the municipality of The Hague and the Creative Industries Fund NL.

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