The Frequency of Colour

Sun 16 April
Free entry

Hosted by: Grafik Duo

Are you curious to hear what green sounds like or how geometric shapes can be played on an instrument? Come by to experience a combination of image and sound at this interdisciplinary concert centred around a graphic score.

‘The Frequency of Colour’ is a one-hour interdisciplinary performance that brings together image and sound. The graphic score is central to this. The The Hague-based duo Ricardo Oliveira (percussion) and Diederik Smulders (cello), translate two Kandinsky paintings into their own musical composition. Furthermore, a new short film by upcoming audiovisual artist Anas Qadamani is shown, together with a custom-made composition. The concert is introduced by a talk on the connection between art, music and graphic scores.

  • Ricardo Oliveira: percussion
  • Diederik Smulders: cello
  • Anas Qadamani: video/animation

With an introduction by Robbrecht van Cauwenberghe.

Practical Information

The Grey Space opens at 16.00
The Frequency of Colour starts at 16.00

Entry is free

Grafik Duo

Grafik Duo is an exciting ensemble consisting of open-minded and versatile musicians Ricardo Oliveira (percussion) and Diederik Smulders (cello). They experiment mainly with graphic scores and improvisation.