Everything New Under the Sun

Wed 31 August
→ Sun 4 September
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Queer Leiden University and students of Royal Academy of Art The Hague come together to present art and queer theory in an ongoing exhibition and related events.

Their first edition will center queer world-making and life lived across definitions, with an emphasis on embracing the ambiguous, the anti-rigid, the plural.

“By challenging the cyclicity and predictability of life represented by the biblical phrase “There is nothing new under the sun” [Ecclesiastes 1:9], it plays with the idea that although individual lives may be a repetition of those that came before them, the LGBTQIA+ community is defined by ongoing discovery: it is in constant re-writing.”


The exhibition features work by:

  • Kelsey Corby
  • Lucas M. Franco
  • Arthur Guillemot
  • Filomena Kolesar
  • Rising Lai
  • Anne-Florence Neveu
  • Zela Odessa
  • Jordi Pros & Ismael Cervantes
  • Hemel van Rossum
  • Madeline Swainhart

Opening times:

  • Wed 31/08 16.00–23.00
  • Thu 01/09 16.00–23.00
  • Fri 02/09 16.00–02.00
  • Sat 03/09 16.00–05.00
  • Sun 04/09 12.00–23.00

Wednesday 31/08

  • 20.00–23.00 Vernissage and Meet & Greet with the artists as well as a live poetry performance by Filomena Kolesar.

Thursday 01/09

  • 16.00–18:00 Reading and Discussion Panel “New Suns”

Friday 02/09

  • 14.00–17.00 Workshop ” Queer Reading the Heritages” by Rising Lai.
  • 17.00–21.00 live poetry performance by Filomena Kolesar.
  • 22.00–02.00 Queer Exhibition Party w/ Miss Arra, ARTÉMIS and Safi.

Saturday 03/09

  • 14.00–17.00 Workshop “Queer Reading the Heritages” by Rising Lai.
  • 17.00 – 19.00 Workshop “Typographic Compositions with Encrypted Snippets of Vulnerability” by Lucas Mainieri Franco.

Sunday 04/09

  • 11.00–16.00 Workshop “The Empathic Boot-Camp to Disgust” by Arthur Guilleminot.
  • Evening Live Concert TBA.

Entry to the exhibition can be paid at the door and costs €6. There is a 50% discount for students and QTIBIPOC visitors.

Tickets for the party on Friday 02/09 cost €8 and can be bought in our ticketshop or at the door.

Join one of the workshops by signing up via the button bellow. Costs are as follows and have to be paid at the start of the workshop:

  • Rising: €6
  • Lucas: €5 Regular, €3 for low income
  • Arthur: €20 Regular, €10 for students
  • Kelsey Corby: €5 for students and €7 for autodidacts
Queer Leiden University

Queer Leiden University is a collective that aims to support and bring together queer people in The Hague and beyond. By teaming up with queer students from the KABK, they want to strengthen the LGBTQIA+ community of The Hague and support young queer artists.

By symbolically bringing together the University’s theory and the Academy’s practice, they welcome creatives to combine visual and written, practical and theoretical creations to spark contemporary and relevant conversations on the experience of queer life.

Trigger warning

The works of the exhibition may contain content that can be experienced as confronting or triggering. Visitor discretion is advised.