Ellie & Lo

Fri 28 October
Free entry, registration necessary

An experimental composition of contemporary dance with the duet being like a battle, playing with the time and the space that we share for a moment. Created by Karine Guizzo and performed by Ellie Bishop and Lorenzo Capodieci. 

During a party, Karine Guizzo was triggered by the beauty of Ellie Bishop and Lorenzo Capodieci’s movements on the dance floor. Based on their improvisations, she experimented by composing a duet on pop music.
Karine’s research project ‘Ellie & Lo’ plays with the act of performing and the pure joy of moving, which is shared with the audience in an intimate setting. Light and sound editing is done by Xavier van Wersch.

“A wild dance, coming from the deepest within, recognizable to everyone. A rhythm and a need to move that connects us all.”

Karine Guizzo

Karine Guizzo, currently living in The Hague, is a French choreographer and theater producer. She works for her own organization Karine Guizzo Acts of Dance, or for commissioned works. Karine’s creations have unique and fundamental characteristics since they operate in this transit between the costumes, stage, and body as the basis for the visual composition.

Music editing by Xavier van Wersch.

The project Ellie & Lo is supported by the municipality of The Hague.


Practical information

Our doors open at 17.00
The performance starts at 19.30
Duration: +/- 25 minutes

Free entry, but please register by ordering a free ticket.