The Elaborate Electro Experience

Thu 1 June

Hosted by: AkA

On the 30th anniversary of AkA, founder Henri performs a remix of his most beloved tracks, called the “Elaborate Electro Experience” set, in our basement.

Founded in 1993 by Henri Sizaret, the AkA electronic music project questions the mundane beliefs of our era. Superbly digital, AkA’s is a tsunami of 0’s and 1’s, a colourful collision between Kraftwerk and Ministry. Best described as a blend of solid beats with audio explorations and furious visuals, AkA tracks deliver a subversive thrill and a surreal build-up to fantastic crescendos that will enchant those with something between their ears.

AkA performs in the middle of simultaneous projections which create an immersive atmosphere, and is open to be graced by spontaneous dancers. The set is designed to be energetic and disruptive, an open invitation to dance, to have fun, to let it go and be surprised by fresh sounds, solid rhythms and stock footage hijacking.

Practical Information

The Grey Space opens at 17.00
The Elaborate Electro Experience starts at 21.30
The performance is +/– 45 minutes long.

Tickets: €7