[fully booked] Dinner Session: Chef da Luz + DJ Basti Kuhz

Sun 22 January

Grab a chair and join us for an inspiring evening carefully balancing delicious meals and enlightening conversations. Diverse menus prepared by talented guest chefs and new encounters with those around you, there’s always something and someone new at our Dinner Sessions.

Please note: this Dinner Session’s dinner is fully booked. It is no longer possible to make a reservation.

Inspired by Gordon Matta-Clark’s artist-run restaurant FOOD, which flourished in New York in the 1970s, The Grey Space invites artists and food enthusiasts to come and cook affordable meals as a form of artistic and social expression. Each Dinner Session is a unique experience, with a different guest chef preparing a special menu according to their own concept brought to our kitchen. These Sessions, which encourage communal dining, inspire people from all walks of life to connect and celebrate the joy of being together over food. This Dinner Session also features a DJ, who guides the evening musically and makes you dance after dinner.

For this week’s Dinner Session, Chef da Luz (Lucille Standaar) presents the concept SCAN ME AND SHARE. This concept enables the guests to share memories during the evening and in the future. The food is Persian Gulf-oriented – a cultural realm where food is shared and enjoyed with family, friends and others. The dinner is accompanied by the groovy tunes from music producer and artist DJ Basti Kuhz (Sebastian Kuhz). Even though you won’t be in the Persian Gulf, Lucille and Basti Kuhz hope that the food, atmosphere, and music will contribute to a multi-sensory experience that captures the guests in the world of tahini, za’atar, and setar.


The mostly-vegan menu of this Dinner Session consists of several dishes that are meant to be shared, namely:
Amba mango sauce, pitas, home-brined Israeli pickles, hummus, tahini, boiled eggs on point, pickled onions, sumac, charred peppers, polenta, vegan aioli, roasted potatoes,  lamb skewers, black lime, radish, cilantro, sumac pickled onions, parsley, pomegranate, lukewarm carrot salad, pistachio pesto, and roasted aubergine.

For dessert, Chef Da Luz presents sea buckthorn sorbet with chocolate mousse and roasted hazelnuts.

Price: €22,00

Practical information
  • The cafe opens at 17.00. Dinner commences at 18.30. The courses are served to all guests at the same time, so please arrive by 18:30 to assure a full menu’s portion.
  • Payment at the bar (pin only).
  • Students get a 10% discount on the drink menu.
  • Reservations go via reservations@thegreyspace.net. Please mention your name, the number of guests in your party, any allergies you may have and the date. Upon reserving you will receive more information about the exact time that the first course is served. 

Please note: this Dinner Session’s dinner is fully booked. It is no longer possible to make a reservation.

Chef da Luz
With food comes culture. The uniting factor between several cultures is food, an element we as humans all need. As a child, Lucille compared different preparations of Tarte Tatin. Now she understands that it’s much more than just a ‘tarte’. She believes the current abundance of access to fruits, vegetables, herbs, meats and cheeses to be very exciting, as it brings opportunities to deep-dive into different cultures.  Currently, she continues to chase and perfect new food preparation methods as well as understand the cultural and societal value of food. Lucille seeks to let her guests experience something new and share it again with their own guests. She publishes her recipes and creations on her website. She is also available as a home or catering chef.
Basti Kuhz
Engineer at heart, DJ at mind, and artist at choice, Basti Kuhz always had a passion for electronic music. After finishing an MSc. Engineering in Dresden in 2014, Basti Kuhz moved to the Netherlands, where he started creating electronic music in 2018 and taught himself to DJ during the pandemic. Once the doors of clubs opened again, he didn’t hesitate to go big, and performed on a truck during the Rave The Planet parade Berlin (formerly known as Love Parade). However, his credo is: music serves the audience. At its best, you don’t even notice the music: it fully melts into the whole experience. Next to DJing, Basti Kuhz has developed a process to 3D print his songs, so you can listen to his songs with your fingertips!
Open Call for Cooks

For our Dinner Sessions, we’re always looking for cooking enthusiasts, artists, or other humans with a passion and talent for food. Feel welcome to reach out to us! Some experience with preparing food for – and serving to – larger (30+) groups is required.

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