Dinner Session: Lejla Sarcevic – Desert Island

Sun 21 May

Acting as an alternative to the common restaurant, The Grey Space presents a communal dinner experience every Sunday. Guest chefs create creative dishes and inspiring menus, which emerge from our kitchen and are served in the space.

Lejla Sarcevic invites you to reflect about the challenges of life in space. Our tastebuds dull in different aerobiomes, but our cravings can grow stronger. In this week’s session, the chef invites you to explore the emotions generated by the simplest ingredients. Similarly to the Desert Island Discs podcast where guests choose 8 tracks, a book and a luxury to take to a desert island, Lejla wondered what food we would miss in space. Which smells, flavours and textures would we take along on a space mission?

This week’s Dinner Session focuses on essential ingredients that people would find hard to go without, and is accompanied by the tunes of Chaku Chaku musicians. These ingredients are transformed into surprising variations and incorporated into beloved dishes to add a new dimension to them.

  • Starter: Seasonal salad with coffee vinaigrette
  • Veggie main: Mushroom and blueberry pasta
  • Omnivore main: Rutabaga gnocchi in miso butter with salmon
  • Dessert: Manchego panacotta with poached quince

Vegan option available.

Price: €22

Practical information
  • Doors open at 17.00, Dinner usually starts at 18.30. Upon reserving you will receive more information about the exact time that the first course is served.
  • The courses are served to all guests at the same time, so please arrive on time to assure a full menu’s portion.
  • Order and payment at the bar (pin only).
  • Students get a 10% discount on drinks.
  • Reservations go through the button above. If you have any trouble with booking a table through the form, contact us via reservations@thegreyspace.net.
Lejla Sarcevic

Lejla is a communicator, filmmaker, designer and amateur cook. With a budget for cookbooks, trips that include a cooking class, and recipe experiments, she finds peace in the kitchen. She often invents new dishes, without having a clear direction of where the final dish will come from. It is always a surprise. 

Lejla Sarcevic also leads strategic communications for the Moon Gallery Foundation, a cultural nonprofit based in The Netherlands focused on fostering cultural ideas for a future interplanetary human kind.

Open Call for Cooks

The concept of our Dinners Sessions is inspired by Gordon Matta-Clarks’ artist-run restaurant FOOD, a project founded in New York in the 1970s. We encourage anyone with an interest in food and a talent for hosting to apply to our Dinner Session’s ongoing Open Call. Not as an exclusionary process; any person who believes they can fill around 30 stomachs, is welcome as chef for the night.

Click the button below to find more information and the application form.