Dinner Session: Simon Vera

Sun 15 January

Grab a chair and join us at our table for an inspiring evening carefully balancing delicious food and enlightening conversations. 

Inspired by Gordon Matta-Clark’s artist-run restaurant FOOD, which flourished in New York in the 1970s, The Grey Space invites artists and food enthusiasts to come and cook affordable meals as an artistic and social expression at our weekly Dinner Sessions. Our Dinner Sessions surround communal dining, so we invite you to sit down at the table and open your mind to new insights, brought to you both through the food and conversations with the people around you. 

Simon Vera has a certain idea about how people should eat food: local, seasonal and vegan, and he seeks to enlighten others of the joy that comes from this way of eating. So for this Dinner Session, Simon prepares a menu primarily using produce that was sourced from Dutch producers.


Simon serves a three course menu with a starter of miso grilled cabbage, krombek bean puree and hazelnut matcha, a main of barley with pumpkin and beetroot and apple pie as dessert.

Price: €22,00

Practical information
  • Doors open at 17.00, Dinner starts at 18.30.  Please be on time to assure being able to enjoy the entire dinner. 
  • Payment at the bar (pin only).
  • Students get 10% discount on the drink menu.
  • Reservations: via reservations@thegreyspace.net. Please mention your name, the amount of guests and the date. Please note that it is a communal table, so though you are able to sit with your party, we encourage conversations with those around you as well. As the Dinner Sessions are communal dining experiences, you can also come alone – and still have a great time. 
Simon Vera

Simon Vera is a young cook who has been working in several restaurants in The Hague with different styles over the past years. Right now, you can find him in the kitchen of ‘De Kade’. He seeks to inspire others with his love for local and plant-based dishes that keep their connection to the soil and the people producing the ingredients.

Open Call for Cooks

For our Dinner Sessions, we’re always looking for cooking enthusiasts, artists, or other humans with a passion and talent for food. Feel welcome to reach out to us! Some experience with preparing food for – and serving to – larger (30+) groups is required.

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