Dinner Session: Bastian Visch + dogheadsurigeri & DODOMUNDO

Wed 23 March

Presented by The Grey Space in the Middle

For this Dinner Session we asked Bastian Visch to come back and bake his vegetarian and vegan sourdough pizzas, he’ll be joined by dogheadsurigeri and DODOMUNDO behind the decks.

Inspired by artist Gordon Matta-Clark’s restaurant FOOD, which existed in the 1970s in New York, The Grey Space invites people to come and cook affordable meals as an artistic and social expression during our weekly Dinner Sessions. DJs will guide the evening musically and make you dance after dinner.


Bastian will be cooking delicious vegetarian and vegan sourdough pizzas!

  • Doors open at 17.00, dinner starts at 18.30.
  • Payment at the bar (pin only).
  • Students get 20% discount on the drink menu.
  • Reservations: via reservations@thegreyspace.net. Please mention your name, the amount of guests and the date.
Bastian Visch

Bastian Visch is a The Hague-based visual artist and food enthusiast. In his work he strives for a objective essence of aesthetics and a scientific approach to our visual language. Fascinated by anthropology and anthroposophy he researches the value of symbols, icons and the visual language. Instead of using an aesthetic defined by hand he found a way to let nature define the impression.

A t-shirt designed by Bastian will be sold during the event to raise funds for Ukraine, limited amount available.


Paulina Trzeciak also known as dogheadsurigeri  is a visual artist and designer from Piła, Poland with a wide range of artistic practices. Paulina is currently based here, in The Hague where she is finishing her bachelor in Graphic Design at the Royal Academy of Art. The music you find on her Soundcloud might not fit your idea of a soundtrack for a dinner session, but during this event she will surprise you with a different side of her musicality.


DODOMUNDO is a Lithuanian DJ and sound artist working with themes like nature; body and bodies; sex; self-love. Exploring non-conformist ways of the traditional dancefloor, she has expanded her practice outside the club to other spaces. Her creative approach is highly intuitive and empathetic and with each performance she’s trying to create a communal experience. In DODOMUNDO’s sets you will hear pieces of ratchet rap, ambient music, field recordings and club elements making outsider music genres the driving force of her musical inspiration.