[fully booked] Dinner Session: Ely Geluk

Sun 19 March

Acting as an alternative to the common restaurant, The Grey Space presents a three course meal every Sunday. Creative dishes emerge from our kitchen-studio to the dining space. Guest chefs create inspiring menus, exclusively made for each event.

Please note: this Dinner Session’s dinner is fully booked. It is no longer possible to make a reservation.

For this week’s Dinner Session, chef Ely Geluk serves both food and sound. Curated as an all-embracing experience, the guests are invited to share more than a delicious meal and to come together by listening to the accompanying music. Muziek Wordt Geserveerd (Music is Served) has the aim of unifying people in a one-of-a-kind moment of discovery.

  • Starter: Persimmon, burrata, mint
  • Main: Filled portobellos, black garlic
  • Dessert: Vanilla ice cream with olive oil, salt and honey

Price: €22

Please note: this Dinner Session’s dinner is fully booked. It is no longer possible to make a reservation.

Practical information
  • Doors open at 17.00, Dinner usually starts at 18.30. Upon reserving you will receive more information about the exact time that the first course is served.
  • The courses are served to all guests at the same time, so please arrive on time to assure a full menu’s portion.
  • Payment at the bar (pin only).
  • Students get a 10% discount on drinks.
Ely Geluk

Ely Geluk generously brings food and music together in his practice. Having a passion for sound since his earliest years, Ely has made it an evidence to make it an complement to his cooking. His intimate dinners first took place during the pandemic, where his entourage could share meals and listen to unique soundtracks.

Open Call for Cooks

The concept of our Dinners Sessions is inspired by Gordon Matta-Clarks’ artist-run restaurant FOOD, a project founded in New York in the 1970s. We encourage anyone with an interest in food and a talent for hosting to apply to our Dinner Session’s ongoing Open Call. Not as an exclusionary process; any person who believes they can fill around 30 stomachs, is welcome as chef for the night.

Click the button below to find more information and the application form.