Dinner Session: Mattia Papp + Fatima Ferrari

Wed 9 March

For this Wednesday’s dinner session there will be delicious food by artist Mattia Papp and tunes by artist, curator and DJ Fatima Ferrari.

Update: Unfortunately Iris Uffen who was planned to cook tonight can’t make it, she’ll be back to cook soon! Replacing her is non other than visual artist Mattia Papp with whom we fell in love when he graciously served edible paintings just like a few weeks ago.

Inspired by artist Gordon Matta-Clark’s restaurant FOOD, which existed in the 1970s in New York, The Grey Space invites people to come and cook affordable meals as an artistic and social expression during our weekly Dinner Sessions. DJs will guide the evening musically and make you dance after dinner.

Mattia Papp

Artist Mattia Papp (Florence, 1993) takes classical elements of Italian tradition and uses it in his work. It’s streets, it’s smells, old shops and architecture. He translates them into a contemporary language using different media. From paint to ceramics and videos to theatre and installations, aiming to engage Florence and the Netherlands in a creative and active dialogue.

Fatima Ferrari

Behind the decks is artist, curator and DJ Fatima Ferrari, who blends unapologetic sounds that embody her cultural identity, while paying homage to her influences of club music. Coming at the intersection of the personal and the political, Fatima Ferrari recontextualizes Middle Eastern motifs with baile funk, dancehall, vogue, Jersey and Baltimore club.


Mattia Papp’s main course is a mouth-watering, steaming pumpkin risotto with crispy cabbage chips. And for desert he will be serving matcha tiramisu.

Price: €15

  • Payment at the bar (pin only).
  • Students get 20% discount on the drink menu.
  • Reservations: via reservations@thegreyspace.net. Please mention your name, the amount of guests and the date.