default #3

Thu 16 March

Hosted by: default den haag

default den haag returns to our basement with the third installment of their sound series, bringing listening concerts by an international lineup. 

For this edition, default presents an evening with concerts by Brooklyn based noise-cellist Leila Bordreuil, drone musician and sound artist Sholto Dobie (LT) & the Hague based, extreme computer music improviser Francesco Corvi. 

  • 20.00 Francesco Corvi
  • 21.00 Sholto Dobie
  • 22.00 Leila Bordreuil
Francesco Corvi

The Italian Francesco Corvi, is a performer, computer musician and multimedia artist based in The Hague. At the Institute of Sonology, he is currently researching human-computer interaction in order to develop hybrid performance strategies, including live coding environments, adaptive processes and collaborative improvisation networks. His artistic work ranges from extreme computer music improvisations to algorave live sets, audio-visual installations and acousmatic compositions. His performance “Time debris” was released on Superpang last year and focuses on the interactions between sounds on different time scales. 

Sholto Dobie

Sholto Dobie, Edinburgh-born, currently Vilnius-based, uses loose structures and an array of sound-sources including home-made organs and hurdy gurdy. His performances are personal and intuitive, often coming across as delicate, evocative, and absurd. He has recorded and performed with many artists and musicians, released solo and collaborative music with labels such as Mappa, Infant Tree, Takuroku, and Penultimate Press, and has toured widely, presenting performances at Cafe Oto (London), Fylkingen (Stockholm), KM28 (Berlin), Kraak Festival (Antwerp), Glasgow International (Glasgow), among others.

Leila Bordreuil

Leila Bordreuil is a cellist, composer, improviser and sound artist based in Brooklyn. Her musical language borrows concepts from harsh noise, free-jazz, contemporary-classical and other experimental traditions. Driven by a fierce interest in pure sound and inherent texture, Leila challenges conventional cello practice through original extended techniques and extreme amplification methods without effects pedals, to the extent she sometimes seems to be playing the P.A rather than her cello. Her compositions explore psychoacoustic happenings and sound-spatialization through multichannel and site-specific pieces.

Practical information

The Grey Space opens at 19.30
default #3 starts at 20.00

Regular online: €15
Student online: €12,50
Door: €15