Michael Varekamp & Tess Merlot

Thu 5 May

Hosted by: Podium De Nieuwe Kamer

Podium De Nieuwe Kamer presents recurring jazz and improvised music programs with local musicians at The Grey Space.


Jazz trumpeter/vocalist Michael Varekamp and Hammond organist Wiboud Burkens have been the core of music & theater company The Legends for over five years. Varekamp takes you through the streets of bustling Paris with his bluesy voice and personal stories, along with singer Tess Merlot.

Michael Varekamp – Trompet & Vocals
Tess Merlot – Vocals
Yoran Aarssen – Saxofoon
Wiboud Burkens – Orgel
Harry Emmery – Contrabas
Erik Kooger – Drums