Sat 4 February

Presented by De Dagbraker

In searching for the ultimate destiny of the world, De Dagbraker returns with a fresh edition of Daglicht, opening new layers of sensing, seeing, and feeling. This time, they level it up with new stories in the shape of electronic music and art by a carefully-selected lineup of artists.

In a time in which some of us question the intentions of humanity and the strength of our nature, Daglicht shows you their vision of the future, combining electronic music and storytelling with light and art. This way, Daglicht highlights the beauty and wonders of our current world, whilst also focusing on forecasting a new one.

Practical information

The Grey Space opens at 17.00
Daglicht starts at 17.00

Inside before 19.30 ticket: €10,95
Regular ticket: €13,95

Tickets are sold through an external organisation, so please contact De Dagbraker for any questions regarding the ticket sale.