Cuisine (du) Terror

Fri 23 June

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Presented by The Grey Space, curated by Trang Hà

Step into a world of gastronomic delights, and immerse yourself in the world envisioned by guest curators. Food for Thought is a series of events designed to create a special culinary environment for each edition.

Cuisine (du) Terror is an elaborated dinner experience that allows an interplay between food, sound, and storytelling. It concerns the question of who is cooking and who or what is being cooked.

Trang Hà uses the trendy culinary technique called “sous-vide” as a conceptual tool to reveal our vulnerable bodily existence within the context of global warming. The fact that animal fleshes can be cooked already from 53°C, lower than boiling temperature, offers the hypothesis that we, as fleshy humans, are being slow-cooked alive in our own environment without knowing about it. While guests will be served thought-provoking meals by Trang Hà, they will also experience the carefully crafted sounds composed by Andrejs Poikāns.

Program + Menu

The chef prepares a three-course menu, featuring an appetizer with pâté/terrine served on edible ‘plates’, a main dish with infused rice, slow-cooked vegetables and reduction sauce, and a cold dessert with sweet ‘sand’. All dishes include a story-telling session and a sound experience.

  • Appetizer: Vegan pâté/terrine, seed bread, green sauce, pickles
  • Main: Apricot walnut rice, slow leeks and sunchokes, fermented reduction sauce, nut and caramel oil
  • Dessert: Pear cucumber granita, rose custard, edible ‘sand’ crumble

The menu contains seeds, nuts and slightly disturbing words. It is possible to omit certain allergic ingredients on one or two courses.

Practical information

The Grey Space opens at 16.30
Cuisine (du) Terror begins at 18.00

Regular online: €27,50
Student online: €22,50

Trang Hà
Trang Hà (VN/NL) is a designer and artist based in The Hague. She is currently sustaining and merging two fields of interest: graphic design and food. Through careful observations of the changes in her surroundings, she sketches out new methods to perceive, collect, harvest, transform and consume food, and to do so in a way that one could engage with the environment and understand its complexities. Trang makes use of her graphic design knowledge to communicate her methods. By doing so, she wishes to provoke thoughts and stimulate actions. Trang Hà finished her BA in Graphic Design in 2020 at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, The Netherlands (KABK).
Food for Thought

Food for Thought blurs the lines between culinary and artistic expression. Diverging from our regular Dinner Sessions, this performative dinner series empowers selected artists to redefine the boundaries of food as an artistic medium. Join us in this flavorful exploration, where food becomes a canvas for creativity and connection.


Food for Thought is made possible by the Creative Industries Fund NL.