Come Down to the Party

Sat 18 March
La Maquina and Mixing Burrito join forces to host an unforgettable night in our basement, accompanied by live band BOOST.

The marriage between percussion rythms from around the world, groundbreaking electronic music and a meticulously made DJ set give a kick start to spring 2023.

La Maquina delivers an exhilarating performance, using the vibrant rhythms of African sabars, Cuban congas and bongos, Indian tablas, Australian didgeridoos, Bulgarian tupans, and more. BOOST follows, crafting the perfect party soundtrack with a unique blend of classic video game melodies and their own original compositions. Closing DJ set by Mixing Burrito delivers a musical selection that sets the mood for mindless dancing, with a mix of groovy classics and their own recent releases.


La Maquina is a percussion ensemble based on improvisation through sign language. Their acts masterfully combine instruments and grooves from all around the globe.

BOOST is a live band that brings together the energetic drive of funk with the dynamic soundscapes of electronic music.

Mixing Burrito is a group of music producers born in Los Angeles. They are currently active in the Dutch scene as DJs and party organizers.

Practical information

The Grey Space opens at 17.00
Come Down To The Party starts at 22.00

Regular online: €13
Door: €13