[postponed] Border Sessions

Fri 10 June
€53.26 / €5.00 (students)

Hosted by Border Sessions

This event has been postponed to November 2, 2022

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Border Sessions is an event at the intersection of technology, society, art, and science. They unite people and organizations to address urgent social, societal, and environmental issues. The Out of Chaos edition features 18 sessions by a variety of creative pioneers.

With: Kuang-Yi Ku, Marjanne Cuypers, Erika Hirose, Yoshinari Nishiki, Tim van Deursen, Barbara Gwanmesia, Nina de Korte, Klaas Kuitenbrouwer, Marije Remigius, Jun Yamadera, Matt Barnaby, Jonathan Looman, Abhigyan Singh and Momoko Imamura & Jun Yamadera.

Border Sessions believes that the challenges we face today require unexpected solutions, therefore Border Sessions aims to give a more prominent role to creative pioneers. They can offer perspectives and insights that will inspire promising interventions.

The Out of Chaos edition is a concept for all participants to activate your personal drive. Listen, learn, discuss, play and create with punk innovations for a positive future.

“The future is not an event that will happen just by itself. The future is influenced. It is that influence we seek. The prosperous and sustainable life we wish our progeny to live can only happen if we honor the important ideas of all the bright minds of today. We believe that in these ideas lies the script for a beautiful tomorrow.”