Bati Bleki: Kue un Rosea

Sat 1 April

Presented by Bati Bleki

Bati Bleki invites you to contemplate and reflect on the notion of self-care, its practical application, and the personal significance it holds for you.

  • 14.00—14.30: Walk in & welcome
  • 14.30—15.30: Workshop: “Poetry, journaling & mindfulness” by Juneal Holder
  • 15.30—15.45: Munch break
  • 15.45—16.45: Workshop: “Take care of your hair!” by Xenita’s Beauty
  • 16.45—17.00: Snèk break
  • 17.00—18.00: Workshop: “Center yourself” by Yoga for Black Babes
  • 15.00—18.00: Marshe: Plush Essentials, Flameboyant by Thrift Queen, Sweets by Kiss
Practical Information

The Grey Space opens at 13.00

Bati Bleki: Kue un Rosea starts at 14.00

Tickets are €25 and include one welcome’s drink voucher, one Sweet by Kiss, one Munch, one Snèk Box.

Bati Bleki

Bati Bleki focuses on Caribbean Culture, Creativity & Community. The events they organize encourage Caribbean artists, creatives and communities to come together in a safe, informal yet inspiring space to celebrate Caribbean culture, share knowledge and grow linkages through connection and networking.