Bartalk #25 – Control

Fri 15 October

Hosted by: BARTALK

BARTALK is a multidisciplinary lecture/performance/storytelling series that takes place in different bars in The Hague. Each BARTALK public event is themed and consists of four 15 minute presentations by guests from different backgrounds.

You are cordially invited to BARTALK#25: Control, in which BARTALK returns to their usual format of in-person events and reunites with you in real life.


“Losing control is a common human fear and experience. This event dives into the fear and pleasure of control: of the masses, of individuals, of one’s body. In the process of training machines, who is really controlling who? How is our body scripted and shaped by political ideologies? How does the control of emotions affect the economic market? And how much of the ‘natural world’ is actually untouched by human influence?”

  • Kexin Hao (artist) | How government structures control our body: The Total Body Workout | Live Performance
  • Marije Baalman (artist & researcher/developer) | The human labour behind machine learning | Live performance
  • Gill Baldwin (artist & interior architect) | On man-made nature and our obsession with the wilderness | Talk
  • Michael Verweij (digital artist, crypto trader & educator) | On chaos, control and cryptocurrencies | Showcase
  • Anni Nöps | DJ

BARTALK#25 is made possible with the generous support of Stroom Den Haag, Mondriaan Fonds & The Grey Space in the Middle.