In times of trouble we dream with open eyes

Thu 12 October
→ Sat 14 October
Free entry

Presented by Counter Currents

Ten works in dialogue, aiming to create a space for critical thought and reflection. The exhibition is led by artists whose practices engage with different approaches to challenging, existing infrastructures of power in pursuit of social, ecological and epistemic justice.

Meticulously exploring the multifaceted challenges posed by existing power structures, spanning social, ecological, and epistemic dimensions the exhibition dives deeply into socially and politically pertinent issues. It utilizes and transcends the artistic realm, presenting artworks and processes that scrutinize our divided socio-political terrain. The focus extends to examining the manifestation of societal fractures both in tangible spaces and temporally, addressing the visual and spatial implications of environmental challenges we encounter.

Simultaneously, the works engage with the intricate relationship between history and memory, exploring how their friction shapes our present and future. The haunting echoes of past tribulations and their impact on our forthcoming conditions are contemplated.

To delve further into the subjects of the works, the exhibition will host a workshop and facilitate an open roundtable conversation.

Possibilities of co-existence Workshop

How do we take care of each other? The workshop Possibilities of Co-Existence is a space for visualising the care networks around us and the connection between them. We will engage with theory and play around with photographs, immerse in conversation and exercise caring listening. Anybody, from any background, is warmly welcome.

The workshop is led by Beatrice Cera

Open Roundtable

The aim to facilitate an open conversation without a clear distinction between the authors of the works, invited guests, and visitors. By diluting these roles, we hope it will encourage anyone to join in with questions and comments. Furthermore, there will be opportunities to write questions, as an alternative to speaking. No preparation is required, but pre-viewing the works before the conversation is recommended.

Practical information

Entry to the exhibition is free.

If you wish to join the workshop, please reach out to

Attendance of the Open Roundtable Conversation is free and participants and listeners can come and go between times.

Opening Times

Exhibition Opening Times

  • Thursday 18.00–22.00*
  • Friday 12.00–22.00
  • Saturday 12.00–22.00

On Thursday, the exhibition will kick off with drinks and a gathering with the artists at 19:00.

Possibilities of co-existence Workshop

  • Thursday 17.00–19.00

Open Roundtable Conversation

  • Saturday between 15.00–17.00
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