ArtScience RaveRaiser

Sat 2 April
Door-sale only: €3 before 19.00 €5 after 19.00

This Saturday the 2nd of April, the graduating students of the ArtScience Interfaculty present the ArtScience RaveRaiser, the kickoff to the crowdfunding for their exhibition-festival Chronic Now, happening the 13th to the 15th of May.

“Living in and embracing the perpetual state of paradox, we return to a (defective) normality while imagining countless possible futures/changes. Our activities seem to come to a halt and accelerate in the same movement. The exhibition will consist of various performances, installations and workshops containing sounds, visuals, bodies, body extensions, movements and smells. We hope to meet you in the Chronic Now!”

Stretching the now from day into the night, the graduates invite you to join the kickoff and support them in a programme of live music, food and DJs. During the day Füzz will present an impressive music line up and during the night the party continues in the basement. In between you can enjoy a quick meal prepared by the students.


Jacob Wallett and Lola Chevron Brancovich will be cooking. On the menu is baked coconut rice with fried onions, deep fried cauliflower, spicy tomato sauce, coconut chutney, fresh cabbage salad and deep fried chilli.

Price: €10 for a plate. No reservations required.
Day program
Night program

This event has door-sale only:

€3,00 before 19.00
€5,00 after 19.00