20 Uñas

Thu 9 June
Free Entrance

Presented by The Grey Space in the Middle

A low key evening with a DJ-set by 20 Uñas. Join us for dinner, drinks and pleasant tunes.

20 Uñas

20 Uñas (translating to 20 Nails) is the DJ alter ego of Sandra Zegarra Patow, a Peruvian visual artist and DJ born in Lima, raised in Rotterdam. She’s an interdisciplinary artist, specialized in photography and mixed media. She recently realized those mediums didn’t allow her creativity to be expressed at its fullest, so she began to mix music. 20 Uñas combines all kinds of sounds, mixes worlds and trespasses limits, from psychedelic cumbia to lo-fi future beats and reggaeton.

Café and Dinner

From now on we serve a Daily Special and veggie snacks every Wednesday and Thursday. The Daily Special is a full plate of food made with organic ingredients that are locally sourced as much as possible. Always vegetarian with a vegan option. Our snacks are delicious fried veggies topped with sauces, herbs and other tasty stuff. Perfect as a quick healthy snack with your drink or to share with friends.