If the Exits are Blocked v0.1

Thu 14 December
Pay what you can

Presented by If the Exits are Blocked

If the Exits are Blocked invites artists who explore unconventional sonic approaches to electronic music, with a particular focus on improvisation, generative music and DIY strategies.

The first instalment of the program features KTONIOS (IT/NL) and Jeyong Jung (KR/NL) as main acts. Both artists work with self-made software instruments using Max/MSP and approach improvised music from an unconventional perspective. The event is wrapped up with a DJ-set by Den Haag based antiselector.

  • 20.00 Jeyong Jung
  • 21.00 KTONIOS
  • 22.00 antiselector
Practical Information

Both The Grey Space and the café are exclusively open when the event is ongoing.
If the Exits are Blocked starts at 20.00

Ticket pricing is based on a ‘Pay What You Can’ principle.

Regular tickets cost €10 (ex €1 service fee) and there are 20%, 50%, 75% and 150% tickets available.

Jeyong Jung (South Korea, 1981) is a computer/electronic music composer who develops probabilistic algorithms and explores dynamic systems built upon them. Being non-standard has been his stance on music composition since studying at the Institute of Sonology, and he has been attempting to create a mapping between things usually not associated with each other, and use it in composition processes.

KTONIOS’ (Italy, 1989) music is based on the deconstruction and reconstruction of the traditional dance “tammurriata” from Campania, Italy and mixing it with minimal techno. They use a combination of modular synthesiser and DIY software instruments to reinterpret this musical tradition, with a particular focus on improvisation.

antiselector (US, 1989) will close the event with a DJ-set that features an energetic mix of electro, ghettotech, footwork and breakbeats.

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