Full Caffeine

Thu 9 November

Presented by CAF?

A night ranging from fun-punk to psych-rock, from synth-pop to no-wave, from gloom-tunes to pop-rock.

This first installment of Full Caffeine, CAF? Music showcases Switzerland’s Hirsute and introduces The Hague’s own Leglumes.

Driving all the way from Switzerland in their red van, Hirsute celebrates the release of their first album. A product of seemingly precarious youth who dabble as cosmonauts in their spare time, found the equipment to make noise. Consequently, they allure lost souls to dance with the help of delay and glitter.

Leglumes is a tidal gloom-pop band. Consisting of some old slices of Bleach Pizza and new ingredients too, they play songs about slipping, dripping, and ruing the day.

  • 21.30 Leglumes
  • 22.45 Hirsute
Practical Information

The Grey Space opens at 17.00
Full Caffeine starts at 21.00

Student: €7.00
Online: €10.00

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