[in, and slowly out] A place to breathe in rest, contemplation and silence. Calm spaces initiated a new project called Ademruimte (breathing space) developed in collaboration with artists, designers, health professionals, urbanists and architects. The aim is to design a prototype of a public space for rest, contemplation and silence; something that is missing in modern urban environments. Book a session to experience this environment, in which sensor technology, light and sound design allows you to interact with the space through breathing.

A project by Calm spaces in collaboration with: Tena Lazarevic (architect) | Yota Morimoto (sound designer) | Beer van Geer (concept, light and interaction design)| Jacqueline de Klerk (Breathing Therapist) | Bin Yu (Science and Technology Support) | Niki Smit & Simon van der Linden – Monobanda (Concept Development) | Inès Péborde – Healing Places (Urbanist) | Danielle Roberts – Awareness Lab

The project is supported by The Creative Industries Fund NL and was developed in collaboration with The Grey Space.