The Grey Space collaborated with TodaysArt to organise a public space intervention by The Grey Space resident Yoshinari Nishiki on the 22nd of September, 2018.

Its been roughly five years since so-called “new delivery” services emerged on the street, starting with the foundation of the British firm Deliveroo. Although their services are now deeply embedded in our culture, still nobody has approached them as a serious logistical system. Would it be possible to transport something rougher and heavier with these services, such as raw materials? And can we reimagine them to be a modular zero-emission transportation vehicle?

In the experiment and intervention ‘Overture: Carrying Power’, Nishki invited many Deliveroo drivers to take part in the project. As part of the intervention, the drivers succeeded to move a small mountain of 500kg of potatoes together. The distribution and assembly process was accompanied by a sound piece by electronic composer Kepla.

Japanese artist Yoshinari Nishiki (aka Inari Wishiki) is based in Rotterdam. His work explores the entanglement of economics and ecology.

⇨ Supported by: Creative Industries Fund NLCentral Innovation District The Hague